Technology and Personal Accountability


Yeah, I am on my soapbox ranting again today, so ya might as well sit back and grab a cup of coffee. It may be a while. (grin)

I am so sick of people whining about the negative impact technology has on their lives. Seriously, get a grip! Technology cannot have a negative impact on your life unless YOU allow it to.

What has happened to personal accountability these days?

We spend hours griping about privacy issues on various social networks but we don’t bother to take the steps needed to protect ourselves. Here is a crazy thought! If we don’t want information shared with the world, perhaps we shouldn’t put it online? Maybe we should actually READ the terms of service we agree to, and who knows, it might even help to take a moment to check your preferences now and then?

Blaming Facebook for relationship issues? Are you kidding me? If Facebook destroys your relationship, I have a feeling there are way deeper issues than social networking sites.

And, don’t even get me started on parents discussing the evils of the internet for their children if they don’t bother to monitor their child’s use of it. Same with cell phones. Why are we so afraid to be parents and check up on things now and then?

Because of your cell phone, you cannot communicate at dinner these days? Please don’t tell me you are serious! There is the wonderful little button on every cell phone I have ever seen, it is called an “off” button. As it turns out, even computers have the button. Who would have ever thought, huh?

Yeah, I prolly drank too much coffee today…

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  2. S EmersonS Emerson05-11-2011

    What has happened to personal accountability these days?

    It’s gone out the window, didn’t you see it leave?

    Some just don’t get the concequences of posting certian stuff on the web and how it will come back and bite you in the butt later if you don’t monitor yourself and check the privacy settings of your account.

    Some of us don’t live with our phone on all the time either. (smiles) It’s called voicemail. A novel idea that is years old where you can leave a message if it’s so frigging important you had to call me at dinner time. Some us don’t have texting turned on either. (smiles) The joys of having a dumb phone, it doesn’t run your life.

    Not so long ago, people were complaining about kids watching too much TV. The simple solution was turn the darn thing off and tell them to go outside, read a book or do something else. Now computers have this honour. If your kid is on the computer too much, move it out of their room and into a public area of the house, take an interest in what they find so fascinating online and turn it off when they aren’t doing homework or have spent too much downtime on it.

  3. DreamrageDreamrage05-12-2011

    ๐Ÿ˜€ is that a ferret? You dang near scared the stuffing out of me ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

    I have had facebook for a minimum of what, lol 3 weeks? This was year ago and it more or less tainted every aspect of social networking for me. It’s one thing to try connect with friends and family all over the world, but come ON, we don’t all need to know that you broke a nail…. seriously. Get a grip, get a nail file and sort the problem out. You don’t need an emergency room and you don’t need 500 of your “closest” friends sending you messages asking you “are you ok?”.

    I don’t really even want to get started with cell phones. Coming from someone that adores technology and is not afraid to admit it, making sure that it doesn’t rule your life is one of the most important rules about living with it. Everything has an off switch, and every bit of technology behind that off switch has someone in full control of it, a parent (when thinking about children).

    I just believe you need to know when enough is enough, and stop yourself when you know you have to. Generally I have seen that when people give themselves over to the wrong kind of social networking, being on their phones all day long, listening to mp3 players constantly, or just about anything that keeps you away from making contact with the people around you, that their are issues that need to be taken care of. If people are happy, generally living the way they want to without a plethora of problems following them around, you see that their use of technology is minimal.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ ah well In my onion anyway.

  4. Karen BainKaren Bain05-12-2011

    Off! Turn it all off! And in the silence that follows, review how you use technology for yourself, your family and your business. Curb the excess. Create new rules for your use of all devices, and develop peaceful relationships with them. IMO? Technology is all about marketing… to you… and to me, about the latest whatever… And that is cool. So, pick and choose. Make technology serve YOU.

  5. RonnieRonnie05-13-2011

    I use what i can of the tech stuff and the rest by good old conversations.

  6. DerekDerek05-13-2011

    Some people get spoiled with cell phones at a young age and computers with the parents trusting there kids will not over-do-it. Ya setting them up to be addicted to Facebook! Remind the kids and yourself that you sharing to much info online can lead to problems down the road. Hell, some people post on facebook that i’m going on vacation on this date and have there damn address easily accessible online. Hey, you just got your house robbed while you was away. With a few clicks of a mouse you can get your privacy back on most social sites.

    Now i can go out and buy myself dinner because i like to spoil myself once and awhile.

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