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You are busy working away when suddenly the minor irritations that you have been experiencing for the last few days with your computer (you kept swearing you were gonna check on them) suddenly become serious issues.

At first you deny it because you know your computer inside out and backwards. Issues are what OTHER PEOPLE have, not you. Besides, you can fix anything that happens, right? And then it dawns on you, that you have tried everything, and your computer is still acting like ya must have broken SUMFIN.

The irritation begins to increase.

Lord help the poor guy that happens to call you right about then.

For some, the answer is simply to walk away for a bit. Some may start making deals with God during the highest level of frustration or pray that it suddenly starts working again. Other may find it completely sane to say to heck with it and throw their laptop across the room.

Then there are those who do all of the above and add a blog post (from another computer) to vent for a bit.

In the middle of it all you retain that hope that just one more reboot will magically repair whatever is going on, while crossing your fingers and toes even though you know it is absolutely ridiculous.

So tell me, how do you react when your computer turns into a rebellious teenager?

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  1. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany06-23-2011

    I decide that it must be all my fault. I go in and delete “stuff” that I should have deleted ages ago. I run a defrag. I run my virus software – knowing full well that it will not catch who ever is screwing up my computer. I vow never to use Limewire again. Turn everything off. go for a walk or to bed or both. Turn on the computer in the morning and it’s working again. Oh yes, and I also believe in magic! – but I have 2 rebellious teenager for real so I don’t need a rebellious computer!!

  2. SandiSandi06-23-2011

    How did you know? I took my laptop in to the repair shop today, and haven’t heard back. It had started to slow down – needed more memory – isn’t 2G enough? Started getting those weird windows error messages saying Windows is closing down this program because of problems. And to top it all off – every day it disconnects from the internet at least once or twice a day!

    Talk about frustrating – and hubby has it worse – cause he doesn’t have any patience at all! Always complaining, even if it’s nothing serious…

  3. CarlaCarla06-23-2011

    Fortunately, mine’s a laptop, so I just unplug it and run down the street to my new best friend (the computer repair) shop and in 15-20 minutes, I’ve spent about $60 and got a computer working like new again. I was so glad when I found this little shop. Good luck.

  4. Stephen KingStephen King06-23-2011

    Depends! If it’s under “normal” circumstances, my years of computer work come to the forefront. First, I try booting into safe mode, and if that works, I start disabling devices/drivers and rebooting till I find the offending device, and then I research to determine how to fix it. Problem is, the computer almost never acts up in normal circumstances. Usually it waits till the one thing I’ve GOT to get done that day is in front of me, and there’s twenty seconds to go till time’s up. Then, I scream and yell like a three year old.

  5. Joyce ReidJoyce Reid06-23-2011

    It usually happens when I just have to access something for an order or something else that can’t wait. I’m frustrated, turn it off and try to restart. Sometimes that works but most of the time it doesn’t. Then I take the time to run a program (System Mechanic Professional) that I bought just for this purpose. It analysed it and finds memory issues as well as clutter that needs defragmenting. I click fix problems and once that is done, I’m good to go. . . until the next time.

  6. S EmersonS Emerson06-23-2011

    I go through the paces like everyone else. Fiddling, asking my computer friend and searching on the net for a solution.

    The thing is, if you give in and go to the computer repair shop, it is like a car, it doesn’t do it for the tech! and you look like a fool. (pout)

  7. LarryLarry06-23-2011

    Send it to me I’ll fix it or I’ll smash the things into tiny pieces and start over ! Just cuz I’m cool like that!

  8. CrystalCrystal06-23-2011

    First thing I do is a swearing fit, walk away, come back and start my usual processes of troubleshooting. Starting with a basic restart if that does not have it I go “cleaning” deleting all unnecessary software, images, files, etc. I then run a registry cleaner followed by a defrag. I then restart to see if things are fixed. If not I then check processes and see if I have too many running using up all the CPU. I terminate all but necessary processes followed by malware scans. If this does not work I start checking updates and drivers. If all this time was wasted I call the tech shop frustrated and ask if they can fix it this century as they are painfully slow.

  9. Bob BarrettBob Barrett06-23-2011

    Reboot- if that don’t work – walk away and go take pictures – then come back and scan the thing with every scanner I’ve got – then when everything else fails, pull out the Windows disk and format C: — (I keep backups of everything else just for such an ocassion) – reinstall windows — restore the backups until it all starts over again.

  10. Serena85Serena8506-24-2011

    I have learned my lesson…..if something is not working I do not attempt to repair it is better to install a fresh one.

  11. DanDan06-24-2011

    I usually first determine what the source of the problem is, and then if it’s manageable I will usually fix it or attempt to fix it.

    I luckily have a laptop which I can use to access the internet in the even that my desktop has to be powered off to fix.

    I’ve never really had any drastically serious problems, knock on wood. Only major thing I experienced was some bad clusters on my HDD that appeared after a power failure which was quickly resolved by a boot HDD check through Ubuntu.

  12. Kat NagelKat Nagel07-11-2011

    It depends. Mostly, I just do regular ordinary maintenance routines, and rarely have serious problems. When a problem does occur, mostly I just do all the standard troubleshooting things and then it works. If I really can’t fix it myself, then I run it over to one of the computer techs I’ve been using for years: Core-Mac for my Macs (Chris was the Mac tech at the store where I bought my first Macintosh in 1985, and I followed her from shop to shop until she opened her own business) and Microworx for my WinPCs (Microworx has custom-built every Winbox I’ve had for the last 16 years).

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