Technology: A Crutch? Or Cream on the Cake

Cream On The Cake


Technology: A Crutch? Or Cream on the Cake

In today’s world, the same amount of information that was created in the last 2000 years (0 A.D. – 2000 A.D.) is now created every single day. That is what is called an “information overload.” And it is all because of technology and the Internet. This is the main reason behind Bing’s theory on their self-titled “decision engine.”

And all this information doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all good. In today’s world a report for school starts with Google. A trip to your favorite vacation spot starts with Google. And even a simple night out starts with it.

This brings up the question: Where does our ability to be comfortable because of technology actually start acting as a crutch instead of necessary help?

Not only does technology keep us very comfortable – but it is also linked to a decline in our health as Americans. America is one of the leading countries in obesity, and you can bet that sitting at the computer all day long is a major contributing factor to that. Less people go to the parks to play basketball or baseball – everyone has heard their parents or grandparents say that – and less people have conversations face to face and rather do it “Facebook to Facebook.”

Technology does many great things. Because of it, families and friends are able to connect to each other from all around the globe. And with things like Skype, Facebook, and twitter, technology has given a new name to the words “staying connected.”

But technology has come so far that people these days actually have diseases that cannot keep them away from it. Studies have shown that some children are unable to communicate without using some form of technology. Basically, things are beginning to get plain out ridiculous.

The same theory is easily applied to music. In today’s world, the word music simply can mean a collection of sounds made by a computer. And songs like Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” that doesn’t have a legit instrument in it (or a melody for that matter) can go viral and hit a million views on YouTube within a week.


Technology has done this world many greet services for mankind. From some of the earliest inventions, like the straw, to some of the great inventions in medicine and medical technology that helps save lives and keep people alive – technology can be used for the greater good of mankind. It is up to us not to abuse it however, and to remember some of the simpler things in life,. Humans are in control of technology, so we must make sure that we use it for the right reasons, and only when it enhances our abilities – and not to use it to take advantage of broken systems or people.

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  1. DavidDavid12-11-2011

    Technology is the most influential to human races. It has served human needs, entertainments and etc. With these technologies as an ‘aid’ of everyday living everything seems easier.

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