Is Google+ All It Is Cracked Up To Be?


I am probably the wrong person to ask about Google+ because I am a creature of habit. I tend to adjust to new things and changes very slowly. If what I am using is working, it takes something awfully good to get my attention. Google+ simply hasn’t done that for me yet. Keep in mind though that I am one of the few who still hasn’t fallen in love with Gmail yet either. LOL

What I have seen so far is not enough to make me even consider leaving Facebook. Yes, it seems a bit cleaner, but I am not convinced they won’t add advertisements at some point that will finish off the appearance of being a FB look alike.

As little trust as I have in Facebook, I have even less trust in Google. I also wonder if they will be able to keep this new social circle as being a basis someday for their search results making it even tougher for the mom and pop businesses just trying to make a living. I guess maybe in the end, I am not prepared put everything I do in the hands of the Google gods.

My opinion does not seem to be the norm with other cyber geeks using Google+ so far. Others absolutely love it! Maybe I am less of a geek than we thought, huh?

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  2. Stephen KingStephen King07-06-2011

    I don’t change for the sake of changing. I never used MySpace, because of how horrible the experience was with all the stuff people could embed in their pages. I started using FaceBook when enough of my friends were using it to make my usage make sense. I’ll probably adopt Google+ along the same timeline, if that ever happens.

  3. Karen ClarkKaren Clark07-06-2011

    I agree completely. I am not a fan of gmail either and didn’t hop on the Buzz train. It’s going to take a very long time for this to even gain half as many people as FB has so I don’t see it as a replacement but just one more thing “to do” that will overwhelm and confuse people. Unless FB screws something up, I imagine I’ll stay put.

  4. DerekDerek07-06-2011

    I asked for a invite from a fellow moderator but never used it. I like Facebook with it’s flaw’s but they working on thise flaw’s. No ads yet on + but it’s still in beta with limited members accepted. I know they will add some ad’s to it because Google tries to earn income from almost every product they put out. Google buzz was made out to be the best thing since sliced bread and failed super fast. Google + will not fail but will eventually copy Facebook’s whole look. Google is jealous that Facebook is just as popular as there company. I don’t like using multiple social sites daily because i can’t keep up with all my followers. Facebook has everything that i want to use to talk to my friends and family members. Google + might not die off but will never be as popular as Facebook. Facebook now has a competitor and now they will work twice as hard to stay on top.

  5. CharnellCharnell07-07-2011

    I had a great discussion about this earlier and some good points were brought up:

    * Google has a lot of things we use, individually, now – all in one place. I’m a little weary of that one as I’ve never been a fan of giving Google all of ‘me’.

    * You could have “clients” and “drinking buddies” in one app and ID, instead of “Public” and “Private” kind of associations.

    * One wrong click, and ALL of your networks (that used to be separate) have now seen the post/thought/comment that you only meant for your ‘friends circle’ to see.

    …the list could go on forever.

    With that said, I do see the positives for the heavy hitter social media business crowd. But again, with the positives – the negatives are equal.

    I don’t know, I don’t see me “leaving” FaceBook – simply because I don’t see a lot of the friends that I have there moving over to Google+. They’re not early adopters, they don’t jump on the latest and greatest anything. And I certainly don’t see Google+ being a FaceBook killer anytime in the near future. But then again, it took me three months to finally understand Twitter and when I did, I used it to my advantage and it took me places.

    Like I posted on my FB page – This reminds me of the MySpace -> FaceBook days. First, everyone was on MySpace. When FaceBook came out, eventually the younger crowd stuck with MySpace as the older crowd migrated to FaceBook, started networking and really putting the game in FaceBook. Now, I see Google+ as the new FaceBook and the older-business minded crowd migrating over to really put the networking bang in it. The question is, how long will it last? Is it going to be another Google Buzz bang (read: dud)? Time will tell I suppose. For now…I don’t see where Google+ fits into my daily life.

  6. CricketCricket07-07-2011

    I love y’alls comments!

  7. reybornreyborn07-23-2011

    I love gmail, I’d rather to use gmail than yahoomail :), but talking about google+ I haven’t used and I’m planning to include it into my blog post, but not sure for now how it affects in my blog.

  8. justin campjustin camp08-11-2011

    I think that everyone is thinking about it. Google + has really some some features that other networking site don’t have.It seems to me that google + will spread as fire in users mind and users will use google + as a primary networking site after that next even facebook.

  9. Akash KumarAkash Kumar09-12-2011

    Yes ofcourse most of the people are the same who become habitual of one thing don’t like a change unless it offers something unusual but I think its just matter of time and if Google+ becomes a biggers success than Facbook (which I doubt) we all will be using that.

  10. rootetorooteto04-26-2012

    I love gmail, I’d rather to use gmail than yahoomail , but talking about google+ I haven’t used and I’m planning to include it into my blog post, but not sure for now how it affects in my blog.

    Akash Kumar agree!!

  11. Tim ATim A06-22-2012

    Why not use both? FB for friends and fam, G+ to share your passion with other like minded people!

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