Does Technology Impact Your Life?


Over time technology has found a way into our everyday lives, right down to how we save money when we shop and the time we save doing it.

It used to be that we would go from store to store looking for the lowest prices, and spend hours searching through the Sunday newspaper cutting out coupons.

Technology has changed all of that.

Now there are barcode scanning apps to help find the best deals on a product. With many stores like Best Buy offering price matching, this saves both time and money.

With gas prices going through the roof, apps like Gas Buddy may be a must have app.

In the past many people (myself included) simply did not have the time to save money through couponing, but with sites like Thrifty Divas and A Full Cup, you can save hours of time finding coupons and even having email updates when new coupons, freebies and deals are added. How cool is that?

How has technology impacted your everyday life?


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  1. DerekDerek03-23-2012

    I’m a sports nut and ever since i got my iphone a few years ago, i get the latest sports updates texted to my cell phone along with rumors, injuries and updates on my fantasy players. Don’t really have to watch sports channels when i get the news on my phone. I’m spoiled and well can’t live without my iphone. I’d feel nake without it. I do remember a time when i had no phone and don’t know how i survived. lol

    One of my sports teams does discounts on there products with a coupon code if you purchase it from the official website. I don’t buy anything till i get a coupon or see a special on there website. Imagine if there was no internet. I could not survivie.

    All of us has gotten to far attached to the technology that we use every single day. It’s hard to let a small portion of it go. lol

  2. Perspective is a funny thing. Compared to most of my family and friends, we live quite primitively; no cable TV or A/C, a cell phone that’s truly only used when we travel, and no DVD players or GPS system in the car. (‘Smart phone’? What’s that?)

    But compared to most of the world (and to everyone who’s lived before us), our lives are filled with high tech gadgets like computers, washing machines, refrigerators, and central heat!

    Life (and technology) is what you make it, and I certainly appreciate the internet, my microwave and all my other appliances. I love being able to see AND talk to my family on Skype.

    But there’s something to be said for the joys of nature, conversation and other, slower paced pleasures. I taught my kids to read maps instead of relying on GPS, and my home is filled with books on paper. I worry that maybe people are missing the art of conversation, and the memories of ‘family game nights’ and the like.

    Not sure I answered the query of ‘How has technology impacted your every day life’, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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