Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt



Dog Days Of Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

V7N Photo Challenge August 1 – August 31, 2012
You have 31 days to complete this scavenger hunt. The speed that you post your entries is not vital. You can take a picture every other day, or spend a full day finding all of them. It is vital though that YOU are the one who takes every picture.

  1. Fitness
  2. Face
  3. Old
  4. Transportation
  5. Still
  6. Movement
  7. Window
  8. Art
  9. Road
  10. Drink
  11. Food
  12. Health
  13. Culture
  14. Eyes
  15. Hands
  16. Community
  17. Shapes
  18. Water
  19. Wall
  20. Random

You cannot use one of your old pictures. Every picture needs to be a new one that you have taken during this 31 days challenge.

The more creative you are with this, the more fun it will be. As always, you are in full control of your interpretation of the items on the scavenger hunt list.

Getting Started With The Scavenger Hunt

First, make it known that you intend to participate in the challenge by adding your name and the URL of the folder where you will be placing all of your images for this challenge as a reply to this post here on the blog. This is a must to qualify so that I can keep track of the participants!

During The Photo Scavenger Hunt

Post your images to the location of your choice, such as your personal blog, or a service such as Picasa Web Albums or Flickr or even Facebook if you would like.

Make sure you post each image for the challenge to our I Love Photography group over on Facebook.

It will give you more exposure for your images and help us follow your progress if you notify us of the location (link) and thumbnail of each new submission the challenge over on the V7N too but it is not a requirement. If you are not a Facebook user posting each picture to the V7N thread will replace the requirement for posting the images (or links to them) in the I Love Photography group.

The order that you complete the challenge is not important, just let us know which theme the submitted picture applies to.

Are There Prizes For Participating?

At the end of the scavenger hunt we will do a random drawing of all members who completed the challenge. The 1st name drawn will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. The next 5 names drawn will receive a free V7N Directory submission. Finally, I will be featuring 5  of the best photographs (with linked photography credit) here on the V7N Technology blog. How cool is that! Talk about exposure for you!

Added Notes

It is not important if you are just getting started with photography or if you are a seasoned professional. We also don’t care if you use a point and shoot camera, your cell phone, or DSLR. What matters is just getting out there and shooting the world around you. Use your imagination and just have fun!

If you have not yet joined to V7N, please register now!
If you have not yet “liked” the V7N FB page, please do so now.
If you have not yet joined our Facebook photography group, you are sooooo missing out. Please do so now. You won’t regret it!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to leave a comment to this blog post that you are going to participate!

I can barely wait to see your results!
J. Cricket Walker of


    This is the url for my facebook page.

  2. Kat NagelKat Nagel08-02-2012

    Will try again. Maybe this time….

  3. Cheryl AtkinsCheryl Atkins08-02-2012
  4. Jackie HendrixJackie Hendrix08-02-2012

    Posting link to my photos as I prefer not to post on Facebook.

  5. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany08-03-2012

    I’m in. I can’t remember if I had left a reply. Thx C

  6. Vikki WoodsVikki Woods08-07-2012

    Not sure if I can get this one done…looks like a busy rest of the month coming up..but it’s worth a try…always fun and keeps me thinking!

  7. John KainJohn Kain08-07-2012

    Going to try and do this! HAve nto gotten out as much so far but I was able to do 10 over the weekend.

  8. cathy wilsoncathy wilson08-08-2012

    would Love to try!

  9. Dianna JacksonDianna Jackson08-08-2012
  10. Simon EastopSimon Eastop08-13-2012

    I will try and complete the challenge and take all the pics before the deadline.
    I will be posting the pics on my face book page

  11. Linda TreadwayLinda Treadway08-14-2012

    I’m going to try!

  12. ron straitron strait08-27-2012
  13. Chris BrandtChris Brandt08-28-2012

    Here is the link to my completed set. Great fun this month.

  14. Jerry TurnerJerry Turner08-31-2012

    I always enjoy these challenges!
    Dog days of summer photo challenge,

  15. Chuck SummersChuck Summers08-31-2012

    What a blast! Thank you Cricket and everyone who got involved. Loved seeing all the wonderful shots!! My photos:

  16. Cori SmelkerCori Smelker08-31-2012

    I really need to read the instructions better! I never posted to this blog, and only a few minutes ago joined the FB page. Sorry for that. Here is the link to my photos:

  17. Kerry R, AllorKerry R, Allor09-01-2012

    Complete! And posted at my blog.

  18. ann slaybaughann slaybaugh09-01-2012


  19. CricketCricket09-05-2012

    The winners!

    1. Trudi E. Crookshanks – $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
    2. Jerry Turner – V7N Directory Listing
    3. Mimi Collins – V7N Directory Listing
    4. Ron Strait – V7N Directory Listing
    5. Lesley Hendricks – V7N Directory Listing
    6. Pamela Randy Ace Lowery – V7N Directory Listing

    • ron straitron strait09-05-2012

      Wow Thats awesome TYVM Cricket

    • Pamela LoweryPamela Lowery09-05-2012

      Wow! Thank you. I never dreamed I would get in on a top 6 list. That is Awesome.
      and means I won’t ever leave my camera at home ever again. So look out friends and family.
      (A big thank you to Terry Crank, her encouragement is what got me going on this site.) What a fun site. Thanks V7N for sponsoring. Pam.

  20. CricketCricket09-05-2012

    I will be sorting through all the photographs over this week to choose 5 to be featured here in a special post! 🙂

  21. Terry CrankTerry Crank09-05-2012

    Yeaaa Congratulations to all the winners — I was hesitant to do this challenge — but I had a blast — thanks so much Cricket

  22. Gloria KearnsGloria Kearns09-05-2012

    Congratulations to all! 🙂

  23. Chuck SummersChuck Summers09-05-2012

    Congratulations to all the winners! What a fun time I had with this challenge. And from the looks of everyone’s photos, they all did also. Thanks Cricket, and thanks to all who entered!

  24. Dianna JacksonDianna Jackson09-05-2012

    Congratulations to all the winners. 🙂

  25. Kerry R, AllorKerry R, Allor09-05-2012

    Congratulations to the winners. It was a fun challenge!

  26. ToniToni09-05-2012

    Congratulations to all the winners!! I had a blast!! 🙂 Thank you Cricket for doing this! I am excited that I will begin taking a class for beginner photography in a week or two.. all because of this group! 🙂

  27. CricketCricket09-05-2012

    Y’all made this challenge so much fun!

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