Trap Neuter Release Spammers


“If we can have a Trap, Neuter, Release, (TNR) program for feral cats, why can’t we do the same for spammers?” Cricket Walker

Seriously, I think the spammers have been breeding in my inbox and spreading throughout the internet. No matter where I look, I seem to cross their paths.

They cause countless hours of extra work in forums and blogs, and create havoc on unsuspecting social media users.

The search engine results have been overrun with spam.

“Nearly two-thirds of search results on Bing were found to have links that spread malware or spam, compared to 30 percent for Google, said Sophos Security in a recent study.” NBC Tech News

Why isn’t more done to stop the craziness of it all? While I certainly realize that every now and then we see a criminal conviction for spamming, perhaps it is not nearly enough. Until the spammers see the risk of it far exceeding the benefits, I have a feeling we will see the problem get far worse before we finally begin to see improvements.

Maybe the rescue organizations for feral cats are on to something with their TNR program. What do you think? (grin)

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of


  1. derekderek10-10-2012

    I keep blocking them in my inbox and they still multiple x2 the next day. I swear someone is selling my email address or something.

  2. Rachel BergeRachel Berge10-11-2012

    I determined spam by considering how much times user can visit my site and the quality of post or comment.

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