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Completely Unplugged For 24 Hours


When is the last time you were completely unplugged from technology for a full 24 hours? Yes, I mean 100% unplugged – no cell phone, no texting, no Facebook, no email.

Heck, when is the last time you even made it through an entire meal without it?

I can’t even go for a walk anymore without listening to iHeartRadio because the silence is almost unbearable. I mean, I have to be doing SOMETHING, right?

No, I have absolutely no desire to go back to a life without the benefits of being able to get audible directions from my mobile when I find myself a bit lost. I love being able to network with friends all around the world and working online gives me an incredible sense of freedom that I could never experience behind a desk 9-5.

That being said, I can’t help but wonder if we are losing something along the way because I can’t even plan a family trip to the coast for the weekend without a feeling of panic as to if there will be a strong WIFI signal in the area and if I will have good cell phone reception.

The more connected we are with technology, the less connected we seem to become with life. How did that happen?

Yes, balance seems to be the key to it all, but I have never been known for being all that balanced. (grin) Maybe I could figure out how to reduce the tech overload by simply unplugging for just one full day a week errr… month.

What do you do to keep it all balanced, or do you?

J. Cricket Walker

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  1. Les GoldenLes Golden10-18-2012

    Here in the sticks a computer is important for communication with the world. I have DSL and WIFI and Sat. TV on a big screen. I don’t watch much TV but at least one day of the week I build a fire and kick back and chill, cook and/or work in the yard. I also go backpacking a couple days every month or so in areas that have no signal . I feel I have to disconnect with the world and comune with the creator not the creation. A day of rest is a requirement for the psyche of humans I think. Credo

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      I think that makes all the difference in the world!

  2. ScriptManScriptMan10-18-2012

    We modern humans do seem to be addicted to communications. We can’t seem to do anything with being connected; not even eat a meal in peace and quite. Disconnect daily and learn to live again. The world isn’t going to end if you miss a call. Mealtime is great place to start.

    As for you question, complete disconnection was May while on vacation. I logged in here a couple of times between May 12 and 26; other than that I was completely off the grid.

  3. SueSue10-18-2012

    I get off the grid for about 2 hours a day… hour on the commute in and one on the way home….that is my non-work, non-family social time with the other riders. Yes, there are days where they are playing with their phones and have to show off their FB stuff or other days when we text family at home or even the boss still at work but it’s my unplugged time to read a physical book and sometimes even an e-book or play a game once in a while I write but a lot of the time lately it’s been just face to face chatter or even a nap and it can be HEAVENLY!

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      It sounds to me like y’all have that balance thing all worked out! 🙂

  4. Lauren PadgettLauren Padgett10-18-2012

    I unplug from tech and plug IN to God’s beautiful world during twice daily walks with my son; we watch the seasons change and enjoy nature and each other then. And when we go camping, the only ‘tech’ we take is a cell phone in case of emergency (and it stays turned off unless we HAVE an emergency!) Some of my best memories are of hanging out with my kids while camping across America!

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      Now THAT is what life is all about! 🙂

  5. HaleyHaley10-18-2012

    It does seem hard nowadays to “unplug,” doesn’t it? I tend to turn my computer off frequently throughout the day to play with my beautiful son, though 🙂

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      OFF? Where is this off button that you speak of? 😉

  6. Stephen KingStephen King10-18-2012

    On the commute? I’m looking forward to the day we have jacks built into the headrests so we can be plugged in even when we’re driving.

    OK, I’m joking. Mostly. The trip to Bermuda I had my phone on airplane mode the entire time, mostly to keep from paying the ree-dick-you-luss rates assigned to roaming there, and it was exhilarating.

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      Even I could figure out how to unplug for a bit if it meant a trip to Bermuda! Wait. Not even Facebook? No sharing pictures of the food I ordered? No checking in? Omg! I am sweating now… LOLOLOL!

  7. Sarah F.Sarah F.10-18-2012

    Most weekends you won’t find me using technology… or at least very minimally. Working online I need that break to recharge. Most importantly I avoid Facebook on the weekends and focus on in-person time!

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      I need to learn to focus on more in person time with my family. Those times when I do, if only for a few hours, I find myself ready to go again. 🙂

  8. S EmersonS Emerson10-18-2012

    Hmm, you all have voicemail (or an answering machine for the older folks) right? Unless you are dying, don’t be calling me at meal times. (wink)

    Last Christmas was the last time I went no internet tech for more than 24hrs.

    Sometimes just sitting and watching TV for a while together will give comfort and togetherness.

  9. derekderek10-18-2012

    I can’t live without techonology. Leaving my phone home when going for a hike would have me turning around and rushing home to get my phone. Even if I had my phone, I’d get no service in the woods but I can still play texas holdem on the phone!!!.

    The only time I had no techonolgy for 24 hours was when hurricane Irene hit my home state of NJ and I had no power for 48 hour’s. Wait a minute, I charged my phone in the car those 2 days because I needed some techonolgy to play with. O hell, I will not unplug from techonology for 24 hours. lol

    • CricketCricket10-18-2012

      ROFLMBO! We are way too much alike!

  10. Trudi CrookshanksTrudi Crookshanks10-18-2012

    When I take my walks, the cell phone does not go with me, as I just want to enjoy the walk and the people I am with or the place I am at. The phone gets left in the car. I am getting to the point, I don’t go into the store with my phone or if I do, the phone goes on silent. I want FB and email, so I can communicate with my friends all over the world. I have found that now that I have a Mac, I can go to my daughter’s school and go on the internet, while I wait in the car for her to get out of class.

  11. Joyce CampJoyce Camp10-22-2012

    ummm..NEVER! Don’t think I ever will unless it is beyond my control! In which case would be nothing I could do!
    After cell phones came into play my panic attacks did start to subside somewhat! When I was driving and alone I could make a call when one would hit and be able to talk with someone until it would ease enough to start driving again!
    I look through my emails on my phone a few times a day for coupons and specials I can save and use when I go to those stores and show them the coupons and not have to print any out at home!
    And well there is this thing called facebook I check now and then when I’m not near a computer and can respond with my 2 cents if so needed!
    So yeah I couldn’t go 24 hours straight without technology!

    • CricketCricket10-31-2012

      24 hours is an awfully long time! 😉

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