The Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Why do we do it?

Why is it that the minute they introduce a new tech gadget or updated software that we feel an overwhelming need to own it immediately?

Are we afraid we are going to miss out on something?

Does it make us cool in they eyes of our friends?

When it comes down to it, do we truly NEED the latest technology?

It would save me a ton of money if I could ever figure out the answer to this question!

I am getting better at holding off with some things.

I have kept my HTC myTouch longer than any other cell phone I have ever owned and I haven’t even been tempted to order the new Windows 8 operating system. Don’t ask me about keyboards, RAM and external hard drives though.

Photography software still tends to be a weakness of mine too. I have far too many image editing programs and I have bought every version of PaintShop Pro (since long before it was part of Corel) within hours of being introduced for years now. LOL

Is it an addiction or is it really no different than the little old lady who collects hundreds of things with roosters on them just because she loves roosters?

Yeah, maybe that’s it. Maybe we’re just technology collectors.

That’s not the same as technology hoarders, right? (grin)

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of


  1. Joyce CampJoyce Camp11-05-2012

    I love technology! I think it’s amazing!
    Although I don’t have near what I would love to have due to lack of money. But OH BOY if I had the means I would be a technology hoarder for sure!
    I often think of the tiny little black and white TV’s with Rabbit Ears, oh and of course the foiled tips 🙂 or the big antennas on top of houses! The old black rotary phones which my grandfather refused to have in the house until I was a teen!
    I remember my first little portable AM radio and my very first suit case looking record player!
    The first computer I seen was at Jeanette Hospital when I worked there. There was a huge room built onto the back of the hospital for it!
    My first computer I bought for the house was MAC, took me a long time to learn it then in 2000 I bought a Compaq the first 6 months I threatened to throw it out daily! My kids tried everything to help me and it was just a nightmare!
    I am the same way every new cell I get it takes me so long to get the hang of it! I’m due for an upgrade in a few months! Think I will go with android, been a Blackberry user for about 4 years!
    Today I look at Eva at the age of 5 she can pick up any cell phone, tablet, computer and ipad (at school) and use them! She has taught all of us something at one time or another!
    Technology truly amazes me!

  2. SueSue11-05-2012

    I wish I could afford some of the gee gaws out there. There are some amazing items that would be a blast to use and actually useful too….digital pens that you hand write with and digitize notes for you, faster more powerful tablets, computers and then there’s the software…. I actually have NOT bought any gadgets since my tablet last year for Mother’s Day! There’s a number of things I would love to have like a new smart phone but I know that the cost of the data connection would kill me and my 3 yr old phone still works… mostly… at least for texting and calling when I need it to…most of the time… battery life now sucks. Then again battery life on the tablet sucks too but I can’t bring myself to replace either one until they die. Even the computers are older but when they were built they were built to be long term computers…. my son’s was built in 2008 and has only had a monitor upgrade and a video card upgrade. My computer was built in 2009 when said son bought my 2008 computer from me and I needed a new one… that was all planned… have done some little upgrades but the machines in the house are all compatible and thus we upgrade in a daisy chain which works well until something major blows up!
    NEED new tech… nope build it to last, research items to be a long term thing…..saves money….no oooh shiny here! But I can dream!

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