What Is The Best Browser?


Of the top 5 web browsers, which is the best?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

No matter who you talk to you are going to get a different answer to this question because everyone has different needs and personal preferences. It’s like asking which is better, a Ford or a Chevy. There simply is no perfect answer.

What is the best browser for you?

Only you can decide this by downloading and trying each of the browsers to see which is best for you. Make sure you try each long enough to get used to them.

If you are a web developer the odds are very good that you have multiple browsers installed for checking your work but still have a favorite set as your default browser.

For those who work online, the speed of the browser with various plug-ins is likely going to have a big impact on the decision. Don’t be surprised if your favorite changes over time or if it is different for the various devices that you use.

Over the years I have changed my default browser multiple times but more recently I have always come back to Google Chrome – not because it is better than the others but because it works best for me.

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com


  1. ElaineElaine11-13-2012

    I’m torn between Firefox and Chrome. I’ve used FF for years because it has so many developer plugins I’m used to, but it takes so long to load and ends up crashing so often ever since they started the frequent updates a year ago that lately I’ve been opening Chrome first.

    • CricketCricket11-13-2012

      Firefox was my default browser for a long time before I switched to Chrome. There may be another browser change in my future. Time will tell. 🙂

  2. Joyce CampJoyce Camp11-13-2012

    I have all the above plus Avant Browser on the desktops and my laptop. Opera was my favorite until Chrome came out, I love and used Chrome for years.
    About 2 months ago it started not letting me view facebook messages then not letting me go to any of my facebook groups then not on facebook at all, no problem with any other websites!
    My daughter and son in law could still sign into their facebook on it with no problem..same computer!
    Then it started working just fine for me. Now the last few days can’t sign on again at all but they can!
    So I have been using IE just for facebook and Chrome for everything else!

  3. Jerry TurnerJerry Turner11-13-2012

    I used Firefox for years and was happy with it but had the same problems as Elaine so I changed to Chrome! Now I am having trouble with chrome just like Joyce!

  4. CricketCricket11-16-2012

    I have finally experienced the Chrome issues that folks have been talking about and have a fix for a couple of issues.

    (1) If in Chrome you have not been able to view embedded videos (without going directly to YouTube) you can correct this issue (caused by a recent Windows update by clearing all cookies and cache within Chrome.

    (2) If Facebook is giving you fits using Chrome, I found you can solve it (for now) by using the incognito version of Chrome for FB. (Ctrl+Shift+N)

  5. J. H. RasmussenJ. H. Rasmussen11-16-2012

    I have all those web browsers installed, and Firefox are my favorite. Firefox have a lot of nice plug-ins/themes, and it’s fast and secure.

    I started way back, by using Netscape, after Netscape was no longer being developed, i started to use Internet Explorer. When Firefox was launched, i installed it as a second web browser on my computer, and over time i just used Firefox more and more and the latter years it have been my favorite web browser.

    But web browser software is something each individual person should chose for him/her self, we all have our own favorites.

    By the way, good blog post Cricket.

  6. Trevor V. HawkinsTrevor V. Hawkins01-21-2013

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