Do You Still Read Books?

Print Books vs. eBooks

Let me ask you a question. Do you still read books?

No, I don’t mean do you read books using your Kindle, Nook or even online. I mean the old fashioned kind of reading. You remember printed books, right? The kind of book that you curl up with and get totally lost in another world for hours?

As the bookstores continue to close one by one I am left wondering if the day will come when our children (or their children) will never know the joy of being read a bedtime story. There are some things that technology simply cannot replace…


J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of


  1. Kay GreenKay Green06-20-2013

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I also have a kindle but read paper books too. Plus have a large library of books I share with others.

  2. BettyBetty06-20-2013

    Sure do! Not every book I want to read is available as an ebook. Do I see the demise of the B&M bookstore, yes. Do I still see the availability of paper-based books, yes. And, yes, I do have a kindle.

  3. Pat GearyPat Geary06-20-2013

    While I do own a Kindle and it is great to take when we go to the beach or the mountains, I also very much enjoy reading printed books. Current one is Ken Folletts Fall of Giants and Dan Brown’s Inferno is waiting for my husband to finish. Although I have to admit, the Kindle would be easier to hold in bed than the 985 page Fall of Giants. Might have to consider order the 2nd in the trilogy for Kindle since it is also 900+pages.

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