Techie Geek Santa Claus

Santa's Hat

Only 39 days until Christmas.

Feel free to begin throwing things at me now. :)

Yeah, I realize that an article about Santa Claus isn’t exactly politically correct but since I’m writing this post kind of tongue in cheek I think we’re okay here. As it turns out, I have never been all that politically correct anyway.

I bet that comes as a complete shock to you, huh? (smirk)

So, if there were such thing as a Techie Geek Santa Claus, what would you ask him to bring you? I wonder what he would look like? Would his sleigh be electronic? Would he use Amazon to send all his gifts?

Although I am not necessarily a geek, I have to admit I spend more hours drooling in places that sell electronics than any other type of store. That being said, I often drool heavily in outdoor type stores that sell camping equipment too.

Maybe, I should make this jolly fellow a Redneck Techie Geek Santa Claus?

Okay, spit it out. What’s on your list of wishes this year?

J. Cricket Walker

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  1. ShellieShellie11-15-2013

    Techie-Geek Santa has a computer controlled LED light show on his hover-craft sleigh. He’s retired the reindeer and defies the known laws of physics to travel the world over delivering electronic devices to grown ups everywhere. He uses Amazon Prime when he can and hand delivers to those areas not served by UPS. (He considers the box wrapping enough and doesn’t spring for $4 for gift wrap.)

    I’m emailing my request to him at

    Item 1.
    I’d like a new iPad with retinal display. Just wi-fi. 32G would be nice.

    Item 2.
    My 6-year old Macbook is starting to show it’s age. I wouldn’t mind if he left a new one under my tree.

    I’ll be sure to set out cookies. (They’re gluten-free.) And we all know that techie Santa doesn’t drink milk. I’ll leave out a thermos of coffee.

    Merry Christmas, Cricket! (I’ll let him shlep all the camping gear around for you.)

    • CricketCricket11-15-2013


    • S EmersonS Emerson11-15-2013

      That was really good Shellie!

      A new laptop is on my wishlist also.

      Maybe a new camera. Apparently the one I have is not worth fixing.

  2. MarkMark11-17-2013

    I want a middle of the line digital camera…$1000 – $2000…I’m happy otherwise…

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