Techie Geek Santa Claus

Santa's Hat

Only 39 days until Christmas.

Feel free to begin throwing things at me now. 🙂

Yeah, I realize that an article about Santa Claus isn’t exactly politically correct but since I’m writing this post kind of tongue in cheek I think we’re okay here. As it turns out, I have never been all that politically correct anyway.

I bet that comes as a complete shock to you, huh? (smirk)

So, if there were such thing as a Techie Geek Santa Claus, what would you ask him to bring you? I wonder what he would look like? Would his sleigh be electronic? Would he use Amazon to send all his gifts?

Although I am not necessarily a geek, I have to admit I spend more hours drooling in places that sell electronics than any other type of store. That being said, I often drool heavily in outdoor type stores that sell camping equipment too.

Maybe, I should make this jolly fellow a Redneck Techie Geek Santa Claus?

Okay, spit it out. What’s on your list of wishes this year?

J. Cricket Walker

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