Social Media and Friendship

Hanging Out On Social Media

Social media can be the foundation for incredible friendships.

It can also tear friendships apart.

If you truly want to find out who your friends are, post your opinion about something online. You will likely see them fall into various categories.

(1) Those who decide you are a total idiot and that you are no longer worthy of being their friend.

(2) Those who remain quiet (regardless of their opinion) and choose to distance themselves from you for fear that others will associate you with them.

(3) Those who respectfully disagree with you and explain why they feel the way they do without resorting to name calling or hate filled rants.

(4) Those that have always known you are a complete idiot and love you anyway.

Short of never having an opinion, how do you prevent social media from having a negative impact on your opinions?

Maybe in the end it is simply a matter of discovering the strength of a friendship. If an opinion can destroy it, perhaps things work out the way they are supposed to…

J. Cricket Walker

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