The Perfect Cell Phone

iPhone 5s Box

I fully admit that I have fallen head over heels in geek love with my iPhone 5s and even though the color will be quickly covered up with a case, I even adore the color!

That being said, is there really such thing as the perfect cell phone?

Is one better than the other?

Both my son and I upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 5s (gold) the same day. While I was busy exploring and loving mine, he was hating his more and more by the minute. Less than 24 hours later he was returning his and going back to Samsung but upgrading to the Note 3.

As with most things in life, I think you are going to find that it all comes down to personal preferences. We really don’t need to know what others think is the best. We simply need to discover which one will be best for us as an individual.

J. Cricket Walker

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