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Geek Christmas Gift Ideas

As a father who spends most of his time reading IT, tech and political blogs, when the time comes to buy Christmas gifts for the kids, I feel so out of the loop. I actually bought my daughter a Nancy Drew box set a couple years ago. Yeah, it didn’t go over well. This year I’m getting my daughter a …

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Global Warming a Myth?

The climatologists present facts that contradict Al Gore’s fictions.

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The Internet Election

The election is still a year away but the debate has heated up. One must wonder if the free flow of information that we call the Internet is not playing a major role in the elections. From the abortion debate and taxes to gay marriage and illegal immigration, the Internet is educating the masses. In the past, it was relatively …

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They were called “books”

A monument to paper?

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Geek Jokes

Three foreigners – a businessman, physicist, and mathematician -are visiting Scotland for the first time. Suddenly, the businessman points out the window in surprise. Look at that! The sheep in Scotland are black! Shocked at how easily his friend jumps to conclusions, the physicist corrects him. No, all we can be certain of is that some of the sheep in …

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