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Video Business Cards

Some tech geeks might appreciate iSendOut’s newest effort – the video business card, which allows consumers to create video business cards to send out over the internet for no charge. With just a webcam, camcorder, or uploaded video, you can create your own video business card. iSendOut touts that: “The list of uses for the Video Business Card are quite …

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Time Magazine Names YouTube “Best Invention of 2006”

What does Peter, a 79 year old World War II radar technician and Noah, the man who took a picture of himself every day for 6 years have in common? They were both common people who shared their life experiences on YouTube and became internationally famous. Time Magazine recently named YouTube “Best Invention of 2006”. Totally manipulating the word “Invention” …

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Yahoo Teams up with MSN to take on Firefox

Yahoo has recently launched another weapon against Google. Yahoo’s teamed up with MSN to officially support Internet Explorer 7. When Internet Explorer 7 was released recently , Microsoft claimed it had 3 million downloads in the first 3 days of the launch. Firefox did not release any information publicly about downloads as many of Firefox’s downloads are out sourced to …

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The Yahoo Recipe

Yahoo recently launched it’s latest addition called Yahoo Food. The large Web Media giant is trying to make a name for it’s self with some new 2.0 “lifestyle” sites. Yahoo’s grabbed some large cooking companies and cooks such as Omni Media, Cook’s Illustrated and Reader’s Digest. Recipes can be Discussed, Rated, Downloaded and Printed. Yahoo hired the the same woman …

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