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Techie Geek Santa Claus

Santa's Hat

Only 39 days until Christmas. Feel free to begin throwing things at me now. 🙂 Yeah, I realize that an article about Santa Claus isn’t exactly politically correct but since I’m writing this post kind of tongue in cheek I think we’re okay here. As it turns out, I have never been all that politically correct anyway. I bet that …

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The Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Why do we do it? Why is it that the minute they introduce a new tech gadget or updated software that we feel an overwhelming need to own it immediately? Are we afraid we are going to miss out on something? Does it make us cool in they eyes of our friends? When it comes down to it, do we …

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Keyboard And Mouse Junkie

  Yes, it is true. I am a keyboard and mouse junkie. What’s your point? Are you telling me that most people are not? Seriously? People don’t walk down the keyboard & mouse aisle of Best Buy lovingly touching every keyboard? They don’t gently hold each mouse in their hand to see how it feels? They don’t even leave a …

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I Am Just A Geek?

It took me forever to make the move to a smartphone. Considering the fact that I am usually drooling all over new technology, it took me an incredibly long time to jump on the smartphone wagon. I was perfectly content with my Samsung Messenger. Granted, I had nearly worn the letters off the qwerty keyboard, but it worked fine. Then …

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Emotiv Has Your Brain!

The year is 1999 and we’re driving through a blizzard to see a movie. The snow is about 10 inches on the road and everyone is going about 10mph. It’s slow, but we’re keeping ourselves busy. I ask the passengers, since we’re all pretty computer literate, “What do you think the next evolution of computer I/O will be?” We chat …

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