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10 Ways to Use Your Cell Phone

Okay, although I wrote the post questioning if cell phones improve communication or not, I have to admit it. I am a cell phone junky. I have had a few Motorola phones, and never had a single problem with them, but I am in love with my Samsung Messenger. It makes sending text messages so much easier for me. As …

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Do Cell Phones Improve Communication?

Do cell phones actually improve communication? Or, are they destroying it? While walking around downtown yesterday, I noticed that no matter which direction I looked, it seemed that everyone was talking on their cell phone. It didn’t appear to matter if they were on a date, or an outing with their family. The moment their cell phone rang, the people …

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Geek Christmas Gift Ideas

As a father who spends most of his time reading IT, tech and political blogs, when the time comes to buy Christmas gifts for the kids, I feel so out of the loop. I actually bought my daughter a Nancy Drew box set a couple years ago. Yeah, it didn’t go over well. This year I’m getting my daughter a …

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A Privacy Filter for Your iPod

There’s a new gadget out for iPod owners that allows you to essentially block those around you from viewing what’s on your iPod. Brought to us by iStyles, the privacy screen protector blacks out anything being viewed on the iPod’s screen, except for the person in its direct line of site – you. It costs just $9.99, and also protects …

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GPS navigation on your phone!

It seems like GPS navigation is finally making it’s way on to American phones. I’m seeing more and more high-end phones have this feature. The phones in Japan and Korea have likely had such features for a good while now, as they’re always ahead technologically. While I’m not so sure that it would be something that I’d use frequently, I …

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