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Pay-As-You-Go PCs

If you can’t afford to buy a new computer, why not try a pay-as-you-go PC?  It sounds a bit weird, but Microsoft is hoping that this will take off and work in the same fashion as a prepaid mobile phones. The computers were released today in Brazil, and are powered by FlexGo, a technology that lets users pay by the …

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Symantec Sues Microsoft

Now these are interesting news! I remember reading “Symantec CEO says: More people should buy Macs” about 1-2 weeks ago. “We think more people ought to buy them.” The “target-rich” environment created by Windows vulnerabilities means that virus writers and hackers have set their sights on Windows PCs, he said. For me that sounds like they want to get more …

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Microsoft, US Gov’t Form Alliance

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a “Department of Defense combat support agency” will be collaborating to improve Microsoft’s Virtual Earth application for military and non-military purposes. The application was used last year during Hurricane Katrina last year to direct first responders and various government branches.  Microsoft and the NGA hope to use Virtual Earth for tasks such as  guiding relief …

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Ballmer: Google wants special treatment in IE

Google seems to want special treatment on Internet Explorer, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. His remarks centered on the default search engine in the Web browser. Right now, when people update their version of IE, the software won’t change their default search settings. “If you pick Yahoo, it will stay on Yahoo,” Ballmer said in a hallway conversation Thursday, …

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Jesse Liberty at Tyngsboro, One More Night

If you missed Jesse Liberty at the Boston University Corporate Center in Tyngsboro MA tonight, you still have one more chance to see him. He’ll be back for one more free class Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 6pm. The New Hampshire Dot Net Users Group is sponsoring the event. Jesse has written more technical books than I can count. His current …

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