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The Perfect Cell Phone

iPhone 5s Box

I fully admit that I have fallen head over heels in geek love with my iPhone 5s and even though the color will be quickly covered up with a case, I even adore the color! That being said, is there really such thing as the perfect cell phone? Is one better than the other? Both my son and I upgraded …

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My Samsung Galaxy S3


Okay, I admit it. Now and then, I am influenced by good advertising. I don’t even remember when or where it was but I saw a video ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and being the geek I am for just about any kind of technology it caught my attention. I have seen a gazillion ads for cell phones but …

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Smartphone Apps and Security

Much as I am with my computers, I tend to be a bit anal overly protective when it comes to the security of my HTC myTouch 4G smartphone. Does it surprise you that I use very few apps? Common sense (and research of an app before downloading it) will help prevent the vast majority of issues, but for those times …

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