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Your Weekend To Do List

  Yes, I realize it was a long week, that is why I decided to help you out and prepare your weekend to do list. I’m just cool like that! (grin) Join the V7N Server Sync Up Contest Sponsored by Take a nap… Follow the V7N on Facebook and Twitter! (Find me too!) Take a nap… Drag out your …

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Transparency In Social Media

Never is transparency (in social media) more important than during times of crisis. The public can and does forgive mistakes. They understand that technology is not infallible. What will destroy a business faster than just about anything though is not being 100% open, honest, and upfront immediately when something has gone wrong. Watching Sony’s responses (in the news) to a …

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Its Server Britches?

  Facebook Too Big For Its Server Britches? If you have tried to interact on Facebook lately, you have likely noticed multiple bugs and slowdowns – the kind of slowdowns that are reminiscent of dial-up days. Is Facebook too big for its server britches? Or, are they simply messing around making changes in the backend again that simply seem to …

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Your Name In Lights!

I have no doubt that you get weary of always reading about web topics from my point of view. Heck, even I get tired of reading my own stuff. Yeah, I really do. So here is your chance to get your voice heard and your name in lights! Be a guest author for one of the V7N blogs! Web Development …

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Facebook Relationship Status

Good grief Facebook! Could you possibly make the choices for relationship status any more complicated? 11 different options? Are you kidding me? Life is already way too complicated. Yes, I realize that the new options are far more politically correct. Some people are offended by the new options, while others are jumping up and down for joy, but what the …

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