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Google, Fox Strike Landmark Deal

Today Google and Fox Interactive Media announced a multi-year agreement, calling for Google to provide search service and advertising across Fox’s growing online network, including MySpace. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Google will be the sole provider of search services and contextually target advertising on MySpace.  With over 99 million members, this represents not only a huge influx …

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Friendster Patent Could Hurt Rivals

Today I was reading the Wall Street Journal, the actual print version, not the online version. Anyways, in the Marketplace section there’s an interesting article about a patent that Friendster was awarded last month. The patent they were awarded is related to searching for people online based on their relationships, and they are expecting another patent to come through soon …

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US Military Hip to Online Scene

With more and more of the younger generation spending their time on computers and less time in the traditional young adult hang-out spots, the military decided that it was time to modernize their recruiting tactics and market themselves and their causes in the online world.  As if staking out high school lunchrooms, hanging out at malls, and calling students at …

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Employers Look at Your MySpace Profile

Be wary of what kind of information you include in your MySpace profile, or on another other publically posted website or profile.  Your employers, or potential employers are now heavily using MySpace to check out prospects. Think no one’s watching you?  Think again.  Just listen to what happened to 18 year old Scott Schafer, a US baseball pitching prospect.  His …

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14-Year-Old Sues My Space

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened; a fourteen year old girl and her mother are sueing MySpace over an alledged sexual assault that occured after the girl met a 19 year-old offline. The lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Travis County, Texas, claims that MySpace is aware that sexual predators get in touch with minors on the …

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