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Apple’s Sticking with the “Mac Guy”

There were rumours last week that Apple would be ditching the “Mac Guy” from their recent line of commercials, but actor Justin Long (aka the “Mac Guy”) insists that not only are they not letting him go, but he’s actually shooting some new commercials for them this week.  Umm, who cares?  Personally, I find the commercials silly and actually kind …

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Yahoo Teams up with MSN to take on Firefox

Yahoo has recently launched another weapon against Google. Yahoo’s teamed up with MSN to officially support Internet Explorer 7. When Internet Explorer 7 was released recently , Microsoft claimed it had 3 million downloads in the first 3 days of the launch. Firefox did not release any information publicly about downloads as many of Firefox’s downloads are out sourced to …

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The Yahoo Recipe

Yahoo recently launched it’s latest addition called Yahoo Food. The large Web Media giant is trying to make a name for it’s self with some new 2.0 “lifestyle” sites. Yahoo’s grabbed some large cooking companies and cooks such as Omni Media, Cook’s Illustrated and Reader’s Digest. Recipes can be Discussed, Rated, Downloaded and Printed. Yahoo hired the the same woman …

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iPod Shuffles for All Apple Employees

Christmas comes early for Apple employees: Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently noted that all Apple employees will be receiving the newest second-generation iPod Shuffle. All employees – from management all the way on down to retail staff – will be receiving the Shuffle. It is intended to boost morale and reward the employees. At the size of a matchbook, the …

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Japan to get DVD Wii

Nintendo has turned around and said that there are plans to introduce a DVD capable Wii in Japan later next year. This move goes back to original plans from the Wii about it being able to play DVDs. This was later removed from the Wii because Nintendo said standalone players are now widely available at low cost. Speaking to, …

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