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The Great Firewall of China Coming Down?

Computer researchers at the University of Cambridge claim to have breached the Great Firewall of China, and also to have found a way to launch denial of service attacks against specific IPs in the country (including those of the government). Their findings were published in a paper entitled “Ignoring the Great Firewall of China”. The paper was written by Richard Clayton, Steven Murdoch, …

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June Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Heather of the V7N Webmaster Forums for winning our first ever Geek of the Month Contest for the month of June! The June contest asked participants to create a witty promotional banner for the V7N Tech Blog.  JuggoPop’s ads are great, but I felt we need to add some humor to the mix. Heather’s entry (view below) did just …

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Contest Deadline Reminder

At midnight EST tomorrow, the June Geek of the Month contest will be closing.  We’ve got a few submissions so far, but I’m still hoping for a few more.  Entries should be posted in this thread at V7N. Entries submitted so far include:      

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Nerdcore/Geeksta Rap

If you’re not familiar, “nerdcore” or “geeksta” rap is a unique form of hip hop that is produced by and for geeks and nerds. The fan base is small because nerdcore caters to a very limited audience.  Non-nerds might not get the jokes, or understand some of the lyrics. Popular nerdcore artists include Frontalot, MC Chris, Monzy, ytCracker, MC:NP. MC Plus+, …

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Apple to Introduce iTunes Movies by End of 2006

Apple is currently looking into adding full-length movies to their offerings at the iTunes music store, and is currently in talks with major studios. Apple hopes to have the service ready by the end of the year, but has run into a snag: what price do they charge?  Initially, Apple proposed selling the movies at a flat rate of $9.99 per …

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