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AOL to Offer Free VoIP Service & Blogging

AOL had made further annoucements today that could help transform the company from a dinosaur dial-up provider to a modern day internet empire. AOL nnouced today that they will begin offering free VoIP service through the AIM instant messaging client, and are expected to soon launch a rival to the ever-popular MySpace. The VoIP service, dubbed “AOL Phoneline” is a …

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Wii the People

What is in a name? Nintendo announced a week or so back that the new name of their next generation console will be the “Wii” (pronounced “We”). When I first heard about this I thought it had to be a joke. I even went so far as to say it’s all a hoax to be sorted out at E3 this …

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AOL & Clearwire Team Up for Wireless Access

AOL members in select US markets will soon be able to access the AOL service through a high-speed wireless connection for as low as $25.90.  Clearwire is partnering with AOL to provide AOL users access to their WiMax network in select cities in Florida and California. Subscribers will now be able to access AOL and the internet anywhere within the …

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V7N Tech Blog

Yo listen up. This here is the new V7N Tech Blog. Read about geeky crap that normal people don’t want to hear about. I won’t be writing here. I’m not a geek. But other v7ners will be writing here. So, like, read it. Ok?

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