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Photo Challenge: One Photo A Day

  A few years back I was going through a very challenging time in my life. I found myself stuck in some sort of cocoon of safety that I had created around myself. A friend of mine couldn’t seem to leave me there in my comfort of darkness. Much time had passed with me not even picking up my camera, …

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Technology: A Crutch? Or Cream on the Cake

  Technology: A Crutch? Or Cream on the Cake In today’s world, the same amount of information that was created in the last 2000 years (0 A.D. – 2000 A.D.) is now created every single day. That is what is called an “information overload.” And it is all because of technology and the Internet. This is the main reason behind …

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Reactions To Computer Issues

You are busy working away when suddenly the minor irritations that you have been experiencing for the last few days with your computer (you kept swearing you were gonna check on them) suddenly become serious issues. At first you deny it because you know your computer inside out and backwards. Issues are what OTHER PEOPLE have, not you. Besides, you …

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Too Young for A Computer?

How Young is Too Young for A Computer? Children who do not have the use of a computer at home are often at a huge disadvantage in public schools and it seems like the age when our children are expected to have at least basic computer skills is getting younger all the time. I am curious though, where is the …

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Technology and Personal Accountability

Yeah, I am on my soapbox ranting again today, so ya might as well sit back and grab a cup of coffee. It may be a while. (grin) I am so sick of people whining about the negative impact technology has on their lives. Seriously, get a grip! Technology cannot have a negative impact on your life unless YOU allow …

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