Facebook Home A Letdown


As a Facebook addict… err… enthusiast, I was one of those geeks that literally counted down the days until I could download Facebook Home to my Samsung Galaxy S3. I could barely wait to try it out because I just knew I was going to fall head over heels in love with it. I mean the videos of it left …

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Desktops & Laptops Obsolete?

Man Using Tablet

When Mark Zuckerbeg outlined his vision for the future in the recent Facebook Home launch, he left me wondering. Will there really be a day in our lifetimes when the majority of the people will never have seen or used what you and I call a computer? Will desktops and laptops become obsolete? I decided to ask my Facebook friends …

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Working From The Road

Working From The Road Copyright © 2013 J. Cricket Walker

Technology has made it possible for many of us to do our jobs from anywhere that has an internet connection. A few years back I got it into my head that it would be incredibly cool if I could do my job while living on the road full time. I am literally obsessed with the thought of ways I could …

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My Samsung Galaxy S3


Okay, I admit it. Now and then, I am influenced by good advertising. I don’t even remember when or where it was but I saw a video ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and being the geek I am for just about any kind of technology it caught my attention. I have seen a gazillion ads for cell phones but …

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Hoaxes & Urban Legends


When we were kids we played a game in the classroom to learn about how rumors started. We would sit in a circle and the first person would start by whispering something in the ear of the person next to them. That person would then whisper the same thing to the person next to them. It continued until it got …

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