What Is The Best Browser?


Of the top 5 web browsers, which is the best? Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Opera No matter who you talk to you are going to get a different answer to this question because everyone has different needs and personal preferences. It’s like asking which is better, a Ford or a Chevy. There simply is no perfect …

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The Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Why do we do it? Why is it that the minute they introduce a new tech gadget or updated software that we feel an overwhelming need to own it immediately? Are we afraid we are going to miss out on something? Does it make us cool in they eyes of our friends? When it comes down to it, do we …

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Do Social Networks Zap Your Time?


Have you ever decided to take a break from life to jump on Facebook (or any social network) for a minute and the next thing you knew a few hours had passed? Ha! Unless you have the self discipline of a saint, it has probably happened to you a time or two errr… a few thousand times. (grin) Is that …

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Completely Unplugged For 24 Hours


When is the last time you were completely unplugged from technology for a full 24 hours? Yes, I mean 100% unplugged – no cell phone, no texting, no Facebook, no email. Heck, when is the last time you even made it through an entire meal without it? I can’t even go for a walk anymore without listening to iHeartRadio because the …

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Trap Neuter Release Spammers


Seriously, I think the spammers have been breeding in my inbox and spreading throughout the internet. No matter where I look, I seem to cross their paths. They cause countless hours of extra work in forums and blogs, and create havoc on unsuspecting social media users. The search engine results have been overrun with spam. Why isn’t more done to …

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